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Robert Pollock

Project title: Placing Regions in the Path Creation of the UK's Offshore Wind Industry

Supervisors: Dr Stuart Dawley and Professor Danny MacKinnon

The UK’s Offshore Wind (OW) industry represents a major opportunity for the UK economy. The research will explore the role and agency of regional level activity within the broader multi-scalar policy contexts shaping the development of the UK’s OW industry. The investigation will draw upon evolutionary approaches to better understand the processes and mechanisms involved in potential regional path creation around OW.

Path creation is associated with the concept of path dependence, the idea that regions develop along trajectories moulded by what has gone before. However, path creation places greater emphasis on understanding how new growth paths are created, offering a more open and dynamic understanding of this process. OW is emerging in regions that have experienced industrial decline and exhibit characteristics of path dependence or even “lock-in”. Therefore, applying the concept of path creation to the development of OW at the regional level will generate insight to its relevance to policy activism for creating industrial growth paths in disadvantaged regions.