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Student Profiles

Elinor Predota

Project title: Young men in woods and forests

Supervisors: Professor Peter Hopkins and Dr Helen Jarvis

The proposed research is concerned with the ways in which young men interact with and perceive woods and forests. The topic of enquiry was first put forward by the Forestry Commission Great Britain. The main aim of the research is to explore the intersections of masculinities, youth and nature-society relations, with a focus on young men aged 12-18, living in or near areas of social, economic or other forms of deprivation, with a mix of formal, informal and non-users of nearby woods and forests.

The objectives of the proposal focus around the role of woods and forests in young men’s everyday lives, the factors influencing young men’s use of and engagement with woods and forests, and potential strategies which forest managers might adopt to maximise access to and responsible use of woods and forests by young men.