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Student Profiles

Laura Sariego-Kluge

Project title: Geographies of public sector innovation and local economic development

Cluster affiliation: Economic Geographies

The aim of this research project is to understand and explain the geographies of public sector innovation (PSI) in relation to local economic development. While considering that 'innovation' is a term integrated into the private sector within a competitive framework for economic growth, and taking into account the fundamental differences between the public and private sectors, the question of how can economic geography help understand and explain PSI will be discussed. The geographical unevenness of public sector innovation capabilities will then be identified in aggregate and contrasted to results in local economic development, to go on to study in depth a selection of cases emerging from the aggregate analysis.


Social Sciences Research Methods, Regional and Multilateral Trade among others (School of Public Administration, University of Costa Rica)

Rural and urban sustainable development: Global and local perspectives (International Centre for Development Studies, Costa Rica)

Qualifications and achievements

Lecturer, School of Public Administration, University of Costa Rica (2009-2014)

MSc Local Economic Development, LSE, UK


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Sariego, L., et al, 2008. [Editor and author] Partnerships for development: the engine of social responsibility – Cases of private and public organizations in Costa Rica [Spanish]. San José. ALIARSE.

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