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Arezu Bari

Project title: Making Informality Work: Self-Help  Housing and Right to City

Supervisors: Dr. Helen Jarvis and Dr. Romola Sanyal

The project is proposing to look at subversive practices of the marginalised populations living in the illegally occupied, self help housing settlements (in Pakistan), to access urban amenities. The project aims to explore the social organisation among the disenfranchised squatters whose livelihoods lie in so-called informal sector in most of the Third world countries. It also aims to investigate the nature of social capital in terms of horizontal and vertical social networks, which may facilitate these groups to access urban services and build hard evidence within these illegally occupied settlements.

The research will explore the quiet insurgency on part of these marginalised groups and how their perceptions of de facto ownership of the land they occupy drive their ambitions; which isto fully integrate them (selves) in the city life. The field work will be conducted in Faisalabad, Pakistan.