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Maddy Thompson
Maddy Thompson

Project title: Migrant Destinations and the Geographical Imaginations of Nurses and Nurse Students in Metro Manila, the Philippines

Supervisors: Professor Alaistair Bonnett and Professor Anoop Nayak

Description of Research Project: Maddy's PhD explores the context of nursing in Metro Manila, the Philippines in relation to the emigration of nurse labour. In particular, she is examining ways in which the global demand for nurse labour shapes nursing education and working experiences in the Philippines for all nurses, regardless of their desire to migrate. She is also exploring how and why the desire to migrate emerges amongst Philippine nurses, focusing on how geographical imaginations – the imaginations of cultural, societal, economic, and political opportunities of – impact the propensity to migrate. This work seeks to contribute new dimensions to the growing literature which interrogates the relationship between migration decision-making and culture, moving beyond purely socio-economic conceptualisations of migration.
Her primary research interests are migration, Philippine studies, global healthcare, feminist research, and postcolonialism.

Publications: Thompson, M. (forthcoming) Migration Decision-Making: A Geographical Imaginations Approach. Area.

Presentations: Maddy has presented at a variety of national and international geography conferences including the 2015 IAG, 2016 AAG, 2016 RGS-IBG.
She has also presented her work at the Philippine Studies in the UK workshop in Edinburgh, 2016; and the Gender, Culture, and Migration conference in Gdansk, Poland, 2015.
Maddy has also presented findings to nursing academics and practitioners at Northumbria Univeristy, 2016; as well as to the Institute of Health and Society at Newcastle.


  • GEO1096 Seminar leader and tutor
  • GEO2103 Seminar leader
  • GEO3125 Seminar leader
  • GEO3108 Guest lecturer

Qualifications and Achievements:

  • Maddy serves as Chair of the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers (RGS-IBG) Postgraduate Forum,
  • She is also a postgraduate representative for the RGS-IBG's Social and Cultural Geography Research Group.
  • Maddy is currently undertaking an institutional visit at the Balsillie School of International Affairs in Ontario, Canada, where she is working on her PhD with Dr Margaret Walton-Roberts, and disseminating her research throughout Ontario.

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