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Student Profiles

Andrea Wilkinson

Project title: Climate Change and Fairtrade Agriculture – Securing Livelihoods in Peru

Supervisors: Prof Nina Laurie and Dr Alexandra Hughes

Sponsors: ESRC

The overall objective of the research is to advance knowledge about the impact of climate change on the livelihoods and food security of Peruvian Fairtrade coffee farmers’, exploring contrasting ecosystems and the role of local and indigenous knowledge in their ability to employ adaptations to handle risk and shocks effectively.

This is an ESRC funded studentship in collaboration with TWIN, Twin is a pioneer and leader of the fair trade movement, working to build better lives for the poorest and most marginalised in the trading chain.
The following specific objectives will be explored:

  • investigate how climate change impacts on key elements of Fairtrade famers’ poverty reduction strategies
  • examine understandings of the impacts of climate change on Fairtrade farmers’ livelihoods and food security in Peru at different scales (National, eg Government and Regional, eg Secondary level coffee cooperatives)
  • examine how Fairtrade farmers themselves, as a representative of the climate vulnerable poor, have understood and adapted to climate change in relation to their own livelihoods and food security

The research is located within the field of political ecology and will draw upon several conceptual frameworks that have influenced policy making in the area.