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Student-led Expeditions

Newcastle University geographers have a long history of student expeditions.

Scott Turnerbreen Glacier in Svalbard

Newcastle University geographers have a long history of student expeditions which date back to 1948, when eminent explorer and glaciologist Hal Lister led a small group of undergraduate students on an expedition to Iceland.
Since then, overseas student expeditions have become a central feature of both our human and physical geography degree programmes.

Our students plan and organise expeditions independently, and use them to collect the data they need for their undergraduate dissertations. It therefore provides them with an excellent opportunity for independent research and travel with a purpose.

Recent expedition destinations include:

  • Greenland
  • Chile
  • Svalbard
  • Iceland
  • Italy
  • Barbados
  • USA

Not only are our expeditions central to our undergraduates producing high-quality and original dissertation research, they also provide key skills that are highly attractive to potential employers. These include teamwork, managing budgets, risk assessment, writing funding applications and communicating effectively. Expeditions are also an excellent spring-board for post-graduate research, once students are bitten by the fieldwork bug!

Organising an expedition is a challenging, but very rewarding, process. More information is available here:

Previous expeditions