The School of Geography, Politics and Sociology



Fieldwork has been a key element of research and teaching in geography at Newcastle

Fieldwork MAsthead

We consider fieldwork to be a central pillar for:

  • experiential learning ('learning by doing')
  • exploring, testing and ‘bringing to life’ key concepts and theories
  • developing key analytical and research skills
  • building on the long tradition of student based fieldwork at Newcastle

Fieldwork is embedded throughout the degree programme, including:

  • Stage 1: Residential field trips to the Lake District
  • Stage 2: Field trip options including:
    • Physical Geography: America, Iceland, Ireland, Morocco
    • Human Geography: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, New York and Stockholm
  • Stage 3: Field trip opportunities including:
    • North East England, Greenland, New Zealand

Students are also encouraged to consider a wide array of fieldwork opportunities and approaches as part of their dissertation research in stage three, involving:

  • preparatory modules in stages one and two to help develop research techniques
  • financial support and guidance available for expeditions
  • access to specialist fieldwork equipment, laboratory infrastructure and analytical software