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Sociology and Phasing out Fossil Fuels

Sociology and Phasing out Fossil Fuels

2 June 2021

Date/Time: Wednesday 2 June 2021, 16:00

Climate science tells us that fossil fuels will actively need to be phased out, meaning retiring fossil fuel plants earlier than expected, phasing out internal combustion engines, swapping out gas-powered appliances and heating systems, and more. While there is some engagement with the policy and engineering considerations around phaseout or "managed decline", the cultural and social dimensions deserve more attention. In this talk, I'll present a multidimensional framework for thinking about phaseout through five lenses — culture, infrastructure, geopolitics, code, and political power. The talk will also expand on why an interdisciplinary study of phasing out harmful technologies is needed to confront twenty-first century challenges beyond climate change.


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