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Two New Appointments in Politics

We are recruiting for two new posts in Politics as part of our long-term expansion.

Newcastle Politics is a friendly and collegial department with 46 academic colleagues.  We value high quality research and teaching, with a particular emphasis on innovative practices that impart our enthusiasm for our areas of expertise into the classroom. Our department has not only recently grown in size but also in terms of its diversity, of which we welcome more. We therefore encourage you to apply if you are keen to develop your academic career in a collaborative environment that values and supports excellent research, teaching and impact across politics and international relations. We also welcome multiple applications if your research and teaching interests fit more than one post.

We are seeking to appoint a Lecturer in the International Politics of Gender

We are proud to have an emerging strength in the Politics of Gender and we will continue to develop and support expertise across this area through individual and collaborative projects. We are looking to appoint a Lecturer whose research and teaching expertise fall within the International Politics of Gender (broadly defined) and relate to any subfield(s) of International Politics including development, foreign policy analysis, international political economy, international organisations, international political sociology, IR theory, and/or security studies. We are open to deepening our expertise and/or widening out into new areas.

We are seeking to appoint a Lecturer in the Politics of Postcolonialism/the Politics of the Global South/the Politics of Global Inequalities

We are looking to continue to strengthen our research and teaching capacity beyond the politics of the global north. We are therefore looking to appoint a lecturer whose research and teaching engages with one of the Politics of Postcolonialism, the Politics of the Global South, or the Politics of Global Inequalities (all broadly defined). We envision that the appointee will have a research focus that relates to any of the subfield(s) of International Politics, Comparative Politics, and/or Political Theory. We are open to deepening our expertise and/or widening out into new areas.

Undergraduate Degrees

We currently offer undergraduate degrees in Politics, Politics and Economics, Politics and History, Politics and Sociology, and Government and European Studies. Politics is also one of the most popular subjects for students on the Combined Studies programmes. We will be launching two new programmes in International Relations and Politics & International Relations from 2020-1. We also offer eight postgraduate taught programmes. Recruitment to our programmes is very good and our students consistently tell us that they enjoy their studies and are impressed by our commitment to teaching

Research and Teaching

We are a department that supports the research, teaching, and engagement ambitions of its members and that values high-quality research and teaching that seek to make a difference. We are engaged and contribute to the wider academy, the university, and communities, both local and afar.

Living in Newcastle

Newcastle is a mid-sized city that provides for an excellent quality of life, including affordable housing, high quality schools, a thriving arts and culture scene, beautiful beaches, scenic countryside, and convenient transport links, including an international airport with daily direct flights to major hubs.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of these posts, we will be very happy to discuss them informally with you. Contact details for each post are included in the advertisements or you can contact Prof. Kyle Grayson (Head of Politics) (tel. +44 (0)191 2085836).