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Leigh Ingham

Project title: Surfing the Fourth  Wave; an analysis of the distinctive participatory repertoires demonstrated by  young fourth wave feminists

This research project aims to analyse the distinctive participatory behaviours demonstrated by young (age 14 – 24) political activists, particularly fourth wave feminists. Much of the current literature on youth political participation has failed to account the specific behavioural profiles demonstrated by subgroups, missing key differences based on sex, ethnicity, class and education (O’Toole et al, 2003; Henn and Foard, 2012). In addition the contemporary nature of fourth wave feminism has meant that there has been limited academic analysis of this movement (Evans, 2015).

Utilising both quantitative and qualitative methods (surveys, focus groups, and interviews) the findings from this thesis will be relevant to the literatures on political participation generally, youth participation and also contemporary feminist activism. This research is both timely and necessary given the broad consensus that feminism is once again a significant force in British society and the paucity of research on the distinctive features of Fourth Wave feminism and activism (Cochrane, 2013; Munro, 2013).

Qualifications and achievements

  • BA (Hons) Politics - First Class
  • MA Politics (Parliamentary Studies)

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