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Politics Research

Politics Research

Politics at Newcastle University is a vibrant and dynamic community of staff and students seeking to better understand how politics shapes our world.

Research and teaching

For us, research and teaching are mutually supportive activities. Our teaching is research-led so all of our students have the opportunity to learn from active researchers doing world-class research.

At the same time, discussing our research with our students improves the quality of our research and challenges us to explain why the research we are doing matters.

We are proud of our excellent research environment, which supports staff and postgraduate students to produce original, rigorous and significant research in all major areas of the discipline. It encourages them to play a leading role in the development of political studies.

Our academic staff are involved in a variety of topical research, view their videos on the videos page

Research excellence

Since 2008, our researchers have published 35 books, 176 journal articles, and 85 chapters in edited volumes.

The 13 monographs we have published include:

  • Roman David’s International Political Science Association (IPSA) prize-winning Lustration and Transitional Justice
  • Martin Coward’s agenda setting discussion of the politics of urban destruction
  • Anthony Zito’s comprehensive study of Environmental Governance in Europe (with Wurzel and Jordan)

We have published articles in leading journals, including Security Dialogue, International Political Sociology, Political Psychology, Party Politics, American Journal of Sociology, Public Administration, Journal of European Public Policy, Political Studies, West European Politics, Review of International Studies, Global Environmental Politics, Environmental Politics, African Affairs, Europe-Asia Studies, The Monist and European Journal of Philosophy.

We have presented our research on more than 400 occasions to academic and non-academic audiences in more than 20 countries.

Research leadership

Our staff provide research leadership in the discipline through active roles in professional associations, editing, leading research networks and organising events. 

Alistair Clark is a member of the Political Studies Association (PSA) executive committee and Martin Coward is a trustee of the British International Studies Association (BISA).

We currently edit four major journals:

Since 2008, we have edited 38 books and journal special issues and six book series, including Popular Culture and World Politics and Rethinking Globalisations, which now includes 48 published volumes.

We have led 10 research networks, including six PSA and BISA groups, and organised more than 50 conferences and workshops.

Research groups

Our research is supported by the three main research groups of International PoliticsGovernance and Political Organisations and Political Philosophy.

We host the Jean Monnet Centre and lead two inter-disciplinary research groups, the Newcastle Ethics, Legal and Political Philosophy group (NELPP) and the Postcolonial Research group, which hold regular seminars and workshops.

We are also active participants in the cross-School Visualities research group and two of the University’s Societal Challenge Institutes: the Newcastle Institute for Social Renewal and the Newcastle Institute for Research on Sustainability.

We have a regular politics seminar series with an exciting programme of visiting speakers.

Beyond Newcastle, we lead two Leverhulme International Networks, Classical Realism Meets Critical Theory and Global Governance and the Emerging Global South. We also co-organise the BISA working groups on Russian and Eurasian Security and Art and Politics and the PSA specialist groups on Participatory and Deliberative Democracy and Art and Politics.

Engagement and impact

We are committed to active engagement with audiences outside of the academy. Our research aims to inform and shape important public debates and influence key political actors by raising awareness, enhancing understanding and provoking critical reflection about important social, economic and political issues.

We work with civil society organisations, government departments and agencies, and national and international statutory bodies. We present our work directly to the public through traditional media as well as through our blogs (eg CSI-Newcastle) and Twitter.

Joining us

We encourage and support applications from colleagues and students who would like to join us for either a shorter or a longer period. We welcome applications from suitably qualified candidates for post-doctoral fellowships (contact the Politics Research Director) and PhD or MPhil study.

Since 2008, we have supervised 33 PhD students to completion with 17 students publishing articles in peer-reviewed journals and 14 now in academic posts. We also welcome applications from staff or students who would like to visit Newcastle for a shorter period to work with us (contact the Politics Research Director). Applications are also welcome for our eight MA programmes and our five undergraduate programmes.