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Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones

Project title

Geographies of Impulse: Tourette Syndrome and the Embodied Experience of Public Space(s)


Research Clusters

Identities, Embodiments and Selves

Power, Space and Politics

Geographies of Social Change

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Project description

Implementing participatory and creative methodologies, the project seeks to critique existing geographical thought surrounding the body and disability, by applying the lens of Tourette Syndrome through which to explore ideas of impulse in relation to the human body and public spaces. Considering ideas of individual and collective experience, the project seeks to consider and present real, unfiltered-for-media accounts of Tourette Syndrome through it's outputs. The PhD research project is a collaboration between Daniel Jones and educational charity, TIC-Hull.


Partnering with educational charity TIC-Hull, his methodological approach is collaborative and participant-led in nature, implementing creative and ethnographic practices such as journaling, painting, and ‘zine-ing’ to share tourettic narratives and experiences of public space . The uniqueness of the experience of public space for people with Tourette Syndrome is the driving force for this project. There has been lots of work in geography as a discipline on the body and it’s interactions with space, but conclusions are often over-generalised and this is evident when approaching the theme of public space through the lens of disability, specifically Tourette Syndrome. This project will use interviews, focus groups, tic-diaries, and creative workshops (with the agreement of participants) to gather data to explore how the Tourettic experience of public space is unique, and to consider the influential factors that control these differing experiences. Working with TIC-Hull, the study will promote the building of community relationships. The research will engage with participants on a longer-term basis to gain more in-depth insights.


RGS-IBG 2021: "Soup for our PhD: reflections on poetic autobiographical method" (Daniel Jones & Leah Chan)

AAG Conference 2021: "On non-tourettic accounts of Tourette Syndrome" (Daniel Jones)

RGS-IBG 2018: "Impulse, the post--phenomenological body and Tourette Syndrome"


GEO2043: Key Method for Human Geographers

GEO2110: Social Geographies

Academic Qualifications, Organisational Membership and Acheivements

MA Cultural Geography (Research), Royal Holloway University of London

PGCert Research Training, Newcastle University

BSc Geography, Royal Holloway University of London


You can find out more about Daniel and his research via his websiteLinkedIn, Twitter