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Jungsuk Woo

Jungsuk Woo

Project title

Transition to the Post-Developmental State in Variegated Capitalism


Research Cluster

Economic Geographies

Project description

This project attempts to explain and prove the transition of a state type and development model in East Asian capitalism states, so-called the developmental state. Specifically, it is a process that asking and answering questions regarding South Korean and Japanese transition of state type or development model from the developmental state to the post-developmental state. In many existing literatures assumes that the transition in those countries have already done as of emerging of neoliberalisation and globalisation. This project, however, raises question about whether the transition can be regarded as a completed matter in terms of a variegation of capitalism. Step back from the Western perspective, this study would like to look into the East Asian developmental state with a conjunctural perspective on complex politico-economic processes and interactions within and through the state.


Woo, J-S. and Lee, S-C. (2018) “A development path of the shipbuilding industry and the regional lock-in in Geoje”, The Geographical Journal of Korea under The Korean Association of Professional Geographers, 52 (4), pp.567-780.


Woo, J-S. and Lee, S-C. (2019) “Regional Lock-ins in the Shipbuilding Industry in Geoje, Gyeongnam”, Annual conference of the Korean Geographical Society on 21st June 2019 at Kyungpook National University, Daegu, South Korea.