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Lottie Rhodes

Lottie Rhodes

Project title

Menstrual Justice: Listening to and Understanding Women’s Experiences of ‘Period Poverty’ and Menstrual Inequality in Newcastle Upon Tyne


Research clusters

About Lottie

I'm a PhD student funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. My work is interdisciplinary across Human Geography, Sociology and Menstruation research.

I'm also a Research Assistant at Newcastle University Business School. Here I research how mothers engage with hashtag related phenomenon (#fitmum) on social media.

Project description

My research explores the ‘period poverty’ and menstrual inequality of women living in Newcastle. Period poverty is understood as the inability to afford menstrual products. However, financial constraints aren't the only barrier to accessing period products for the women I've spoken to.

I call for wider recognition that period poverty is due to more than a lack of money, including:

  • traumatic childbirth
  • abusive relationships
  • sexual assault

Academics and activists also call for period poverty to be understood as:

  • a lack of education
  • a need to live free from menstrual stigma
  • along with menstruation, not solely experienced by ciswomen

I work with a feminist philosophy and conducted fieldwork during the coronavirus pandemic. The women participating shared their experiences of living in and managing period poverty. Adult experiences of period poverty in the UK is a severely under-researched area. I seek to pave a way for menstruation research in Human Geography and to provide much-needed research and insight in this area.


Stenning, A; Chan, L; Rhodes, L; Smith, K. (2021) ‘The Everyday’ in Social Geographies: An Introduction, The Newcastle Social Geographies Collective (eds), pp.116-122

Blazek, M; Smith, K; Rhodes, L; Chan, L. (2021) ‘Emotion’ in Social Geographies: An Introduction, The Newcastle Social Geographies Collective (eds), pp.123-130

Visual publication about my PhD methods 


Menstruation Research Network 2022 – 'The English government’s 2020 menstrual product provision policy in educational institutions: who benefits?'

BSA Annual Conference 2022 – 'Social Class as an Analytical Tool to Explore Experiences of Period Poverty'

(Re)Defining Fieldwork 2022 – 'The impact of interviews: a reflection on research interview impact on a ‘new’ researcher’s non-professional life'

ESRC Festival of Social Sciences 2021 – 'Supporting Women who Experience Period Poverty and Menstrual Inequality in East End and West End Newcastle'

NINE DTP Summer Conference 2021 – 'I was in a shitty relationship... he wouldn’t let me have period products' Reconceptualising ‘Period Poverty’ to Better Understand Menstrual Inequality’

Sociology Undergraduate Talk 2021 – 'Negotiating and Managing Periods and ‘Period Poverty’ in Everyday Life: Methods for Sociological Research'

Institute of Social Science Gender Agenda 2020 – 'Beginning to Think About Gender and Menstruation'



HSS8001: Thinking About Research

GEO1096: Geographical Skills

HSS8003: Dissertation Preparation 

Academic qualifications, memberships and achievements


BA Geography, Newcastle University
MA Human Geography Research, Newcastle University


British Sociological Association
Royal Geographical Association


Co-organised hybrid Leverhulme-funded conference titled ‘Menstruation in the Media’ (October 2021), in collaboration with Dr Maria Tomlinson (University of Sheffield)


You can find out more about me and my research via my Twitter profile and LinkedIn profile