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Luke Green

Luke Green

Project title

The financialising univer[city]? A study of university real estate investment in Edinburgh and Manchester, UK


Research Clusters

Economic Geographies

Geographies of Social Change

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Project description

Luke’s research interests span urban and economic geographies, but chiefly lie in understanding how financial actors and processes (re)shape urban spaces and (re)configure urban governance arrangements. His PhD research studies financial restructuring in the UK higher education sector, and considers what this means for the ways in which universities undertake urban development projects. In looking specifically at the development portfolios of the University of Manchester (England) and the University of Edinburgh (Scotland), two of the largest investors in real estate development among UK universities, his project seeks to understand how their real estate projects are funded, financed and governed – and what this means for their host cities and communities.


GEO2099 Economic Geography

GEO3114 Local and Regional Development

GEO3160 Crises of Economy: Money and Labour

Academic Qualifications

BSc Geography (Hons), University of Edinburgh, 2014-2018

MA Human Geography Research, Newcastle University, 2018-2019


Miller Prize for the highest performance in the HASS Faculty Research Training Programme, Newcastle University. 2019.

Jessie Watson Prize for Best All-round Student of Geography, University of Edinburgh, 2018.


Postgraduate Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG).

Member of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society.