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Joe Herbert

Joe Herbert

Postgraduate Research Student.

I joined Newcastle University in 2013 to study for a bachelor's degree in Geography (BA). I then continued in the department as a postgraduate on a 1 plus 3 scholarship from the ESRC. In the first year of the scholarship I completed a master's degree in Human Geography Research (MA), and I am now studying as a doctoral researcher. 

My research interests centre around movements for and imaginaries of socio-ecological transformation towards just and sustainable futures, across scales of the everyday, collective action, and wider political structures. Specific areas of interest include: degrowth; environmental/climate/multispecies justice; radical imaginations; social ecology.


My PhD research explores narratives of socio-ecological crisis and transformation amongst young environmental activists in North East England. I analyse the ways in which young activists understand and experience contemporary crisis, and how crisis – conceived as both a discursive and material reality - impacts upon their agency as individuals seeking social and political change. I also investigate what kind of futures these young activists see themselves as working towards, and their hopes, fears and expectations around unfolding socio-ecological change. Methodologically, my research is based on semi-structured interviews and participant observation with young activists involved in a wide range of environmental campaigns and movements in the North East of England. Analysing the narratives of these young activists, I draw on theoretical perspectives from the burgeoning academic-activist discourse of degrowth.



GEO2103 Globalisation and Development - Seminar leader


GEO3134 Geographies of Sustainability - Seminar leader and lecturer

GEO2123 Copenhagen field course


GEO3158: Geographies of Sustainable Production and Consumption - Seminar leader


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