The School of Geography, Politics and Sociology

International Research Activity

International Research Activity

Research conducted in the School of Geography, Politics and Sociology has a strong international outlook, and contributes significantly to Newcastle University’s growing reputation for internationalisation.

Our international focus is expressed through:

  • the dynamics between scales ranging from local and regional, to national and supernational
  • bilateral working and through international research networks
  • postgraduate research
  • expertise our staff bring from a diverse range of contexts

The School is truly international, both in terms of the places that we conduct research, and the nationalities of our staff and students. We focus on both local and global issues concerning people and their environments.

Research is currently being undertaken in more than 20 countries of the world, and about subjects that concern many more.

Staff and students in the School play a key role in engaging with the wider community on the subject of the European Union through the seminars, debating and other activities of the Jean Monnet Centre.