The School of Geography, Politics and Sociology


Biosecurity Capacity Building in China

This project seeks to strengthen support for the prohibition of the misuse of the life sciences by contributing to the development, delivery, and long term sustainability of biosecurity education in China. It involves collaboration with Prof Brian Rappert (Exeter) and Dr Lei Zhang (CAS). It builds on the Educational Module Resource (EMR), an open access resource to help life scientists and educators in learning about biosecurity and dual use. The project aims to: 1) collect a data set on Chinese educational courses across 15 leading Chinese Academy of Sciences life science institutes; 2) revise and pilot the EMR into a substantively and institutionally appropriate module for life scientists in China; 3) organise an international network of stakeholders who can contribute to the on-going development and delivery of biosecurity courses in China. Follow-on funding will seek to utilise this network to provide an on-site train the trainers programme to help insure the uptake of the revised EMR.