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Natalie Partridge

Project title

Governing synthetic biology: A food policy approach


  • Dr Kenneth Taylor

Project description

The UK is a major global hub for synthetic biology research, and food and agriculture is one sector in which synthetic biology can be applied. However, little is known about attitudes towards this in the UK.

To address this knowledge gap, my research explores views towards the governance of synthetic biology in food and agriculture contexts. I hope to investigate what might be on the horizon for synthetic biology as applied to food and agriculture and signpost some of the potential policy implications.

My research takes an exploratory, qualitative approach. Through in-depth, online interviews, I aim to speak to a range of stakeholders, such as synthetic biologists, policymakers, and those involved in relevant areas of the food industry.

My research is jointly funded by the EPSRC and Newcastle University, as part of the interdisciplinary Portabolomics project in synthetic biology. The Portabolomics project takes a novel approach to standardise the connection between a given genetic circuit and the chassis organism by the development of a ‘bio-adapter’

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Partridge, N. (2021) REST Policy brief: 'Towards greater transparency: Digital opportunities to promote traceability in genetic engineering.' (Forthcoming)


Teaching Assistant: PARTNERS 2020 Summer School
Teaching Assistant: SOC2070: Researching Social Life II
Teaching Assistant: PARTNERS 2021 Summer School

Other Work

Editor: PGR Sociology Blog 
Research Assistant: Novel Beings Project. Find out more here

Academic qualifications 

MSc Food Policy, City, University of London (2018)
BA French, Russian, Spanish, University of Birmingham (2017)


You can read more about Natalie here and more about her research here.