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Pilar Morena d'Alò

Project title

Colonial Legacies of Knowledge Production: The Green Tide Political Spirituality


About Pilar

I have a background in International Relations and Gender and Sexuality Studies. I’m now a PhD candidate in Political Sociology. Together with my studies, I have participated in several community-based social justice initiatives in Italy, the Netherlands, and Argentina.



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Project description

The project interrogates the role of enduring colonial legacies of knowledge/power in Argentina by tracing the conditions of possibility for the making of ‘spiritual’ as political by the Argentine feminist Green Tide movement. The dissertation addresses contemporary issues over social movements, decolonisation, and subalternity.

Research interests

  • gender & sexuality studies
  • queer studies
  • critical race studies
  • religion & spirituality studies
  • post-colonialism
  • decoloniality
  • anti-colonial studies
  • knowledge production and circulation


Brouwer, R., Zorgdrager, H., & d’Alò, P. M. (2022). RICE 2020: Exploring the Inclusivity of European Churches towards LGBTI People. International Journal of Practical Theology, 26(1), 130-154.

RICE 2020: Exploring the Inclusivity of European Churches towards LGBTI People (


‘The Green Tide Political Spirituality: Colonial Legacies of Knowledge Production’, Decolonizing Women’s Spirituality – Ugent, 2022

‘The political subjectivity of witchcraft in Argentina’, Mind the Gap: strengthening connections in Latin American Studies -SLAS 2021

Decolonizing Contemporary Women’s Spirituality – Centre for research on Culture and Gender (

‘Bursting the Gender Studies bubble’, workshop at Feministteaching: Emotions, Feelings and Affects-ATGENDER 2019


SOC1031 - Knowing in Sociology: An Introduction to Theory Methods and Epistemology (2023)

SOC1032 Politics and Society, Teaching Assistant (2022)

SOC2058 Understanding Social Change and Transformation, Teaching Assistant (2021)

Academic qualifications, organisational membership and achievements

Jenny Halcrow Prize for Teaching Excellence (2021-2022)

MSc Sociology of Gender and Sexuality, University of Amsterdam (2020)