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Find out about the range of topics being researched by our current postgraduate students.

Pardis Asadi Zeidabadi Conceptions of democracy in secular and religious feminism in contemporary Iran. An empirical exploration
Adrienne Attorp  
Ursula Balderson Environmental injustice and social conflict: social movements against mining pollution and over-extraction of water sources in the Andes
James Cummings A Study of Emergent Non-Normative Sexual Identities in Hainan Province, China
Florence Darling  
Kate Gibson  
Matthew Hanchard Anchoring securities and mobilities: towards a digital sociology of maps
Diana Kopbayeva Building the Kazakh nation: an exploration of the discourse of nation building in Kazakhstan
Yang Li Screening Tibet from Three Perspectives: An Exploration of Representations of Tibet in Western, Tibetan and Han Chinese Films
Kerry Lowes  
Angus Mcvittie  
Silvia Maritati  
Luke Martin  
Ankita Mukherjee  
Edwin Peel  
Samantha Reveley  
Sunil Rodger Journeying: exploring the experiences of powered wheelchair users in public space
Emma Seddon  
Erica Timoney  
Clare Vaughan Violence and Fear in Homeless Careers: A Biographical Investigation of Young Women at Risk of Homelessness