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Adrienne Attorp

Postgraduate Research Student


I am currently undertaking a PhD in Sociology and Social Policy, studying at Newcastle University as part of Teagasc's Walsh Fellowship Programme.  I am broadly interested in agriculture policy, sustainable food systems and food sovereignty. 

Originally from Canada, I came to the UK to study an MSc in Agriculture and Development at the University of Reading.  Upon graduating, I spent 6 years working in the charity sector, first with urban farming charity 'Growing People Project' in Milton Keynes, then with horticultural social enterprise 'Cultivate London', in west London. 


Control of diffuse agricultural pollution and management of trans-boundary waterways: A comparative analysis of the policy making process in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The UK's Brexit decision has introduced uncertainty for the agri-food sector in Ireland (North and South) due to the breadth of potential changes in policy and market conditions that could transpire. My project, supervised by Ruth McAreavey (Newcastle University), Erin Sherry (AFBINI) and Sally Shortall (Newcastle University), will look at changes to agricultural land use and ecosystem service provision on the island, with specific consideration of management of the island's shared waterways. The potential impacts of diverging agricultural and agri-environmental policy between the North and South of Ireland, and likely post-Brexit economic conditions, will be explored to consider the potential interactions and trade-offs between economic and environmental outcomes on both sides of the border.

For more information, you can watch a short video about my research here: