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Emma Seddon

Postgraduate Research Student


Emma has an educational and professional background in languages and translation, and is now in the third year of her PhD in Sociology. She is funded by the ESRC, and her studentship includes a Post-Graduate Diploma in Sociology and Social Research that was completed before starting the three-year doctoral project.


Emma is a 0.75 3 ESRC funded PhD student in Sociology and Social Research at Newcastle University. A translator herself, her mixed methods research will use a novel social ontology to explore the professional identity construction of translators. This occupational cohort is seeking professional status, while facing the challenges of an unregulated market and the advent of new technologies. She is primarily interested in how translators construct their identities in different settings, and how the organisation of translation work impacts their construction. Her research interests include: the sociology of professions, work and gender, precarity, self-employment, and new materialism.