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Samantha Reveley

Postgraduate Research Student


Prior to beginning my studies at Newcastle University I undertook a BSc in Criminology at the University of Sunderland (2013-2016) where I was awarded a first class honours degree. Upon completion of my BSc I began studying a MastersMasters in Sociology and Social Research (2016-2017) as part of my ESRC 1 3 studentship.

My research focuses on reconceptualising understandings of desistance from offending, with its overall aim being to develop an innovative new framework with which to reformulate the ways in which we think about the desistance process. Instead of attempting to understand when and why desistance happens, my research looks to explore how it happens, with a specific focus on how the individual themselves transforms as they transition away from offending.

Further to my PhD work, I also teach several modules in Criminology, Sociology and Research Methods to Undergraduate students at Newcastle and Sunderland University.


"Reconceptualising desistance from offending: young people, ontogenesis and becoming an ex-offender"

This PhD research, supervised by Elaine Campbell and Sarah Winkler-Reid, will address these under-examined questions through ethnographic fieldwork with young people in supported accommodation, and through the application of assemblage theory.This innovative approach will enable an exploration in detail of the practices, experiences and understandings of individuals as they navigate the desistance process and ‘become’ a `desistant subject’.

Rather than asking questions of when desistance occurs, this research will ask why and how young people desist from offending using an innovative approach which will focus on the more intricate and complex processes that occur in the process of desistance. By individualising the fluid, contingent dynamics of becoming a `desistant subject’, the research will look to move beyond the flaws of previous work which focused on finding an absolute explanation for why desistance occurred.


Undergraduate Teaching

SOC3064: Crime, Culture and Society

Postgraduate Teaching:

HSS8003: Dissertation Preparation

Teaching Elswhere:

SSC223: Advanced Quantitative Research Methods
SSC207: Youth Crime and Criminology