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Dr Amanda Chisholm

Lecturer in International Politics


I am a lecturer in International Politics and a feminist scholar whose contributes to the growing field of critical gender studies on private military and security companies (PMSCs). My research, rooted in feminist global political economy (GPE) and feminist critical security studies, has developed the existing critical security research on privatisation of security by offering ethnographic insights into critical security studies from a postcolonial gender framing thereby incorporating race and colonial histories as two important analytics in understanding the globalization of private security.

I remain motivated by the ways in which race, class and gender intersect and make certain subjectivities possible whilst foreclosing on others. To this end, my future research plans involve examining how global South migrant security labourers negotiate, challenge and resist dominant understandings and representations of themselves in global security. I am committed to researching through intersectionalities of race, class and gender and combining qualitative methodologies.

In October 2016 I was awarded an Economic and Social Research Council Future Leaders Grant. The grant project is called "From Military to Market" and explores the private unarmed security industry and the labour that underpin their operations. I am currently conducting fieldwork in Qatar and Nepal. You can follow my project blog at You can also follow me on twitter at


I have recently been awarded an ESRC Future Leaders grant to conduct research on unarmed security and logistic labour chains in Qatar. This research involves 1 year of fieldwork in both Qatar and Nepal working directly with industry leaders, government and nongovernment stakeholders, migrants and the their families. 

My research broadly speaks to discussions around private military and security companies (PMSCs), commercialisation of security, critical military studies, feminist international relations (IR), feminist global political economy (GPE), critical security studies, Afghanistan, Gurkhas, post colonialism, labour supply chains  


Pol8041 "Thinking About Global Politics"

Pol1032 "Introduction to International Relations"

Pol2078 "Critical Global Politics"