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Dr Caitlin Robinson

Research Associate


Cait Robinson is a quantitative human geographer interested the way in which place creates, shapes and reinforces socio-spatial inequality.

Cait is currently working as a Research Associate at Newcastle University on the Turing Institute project 'Spatial Inequality and the Smart City' led by Professor Rachel Franklin. This project recognises that smart city technologies, particularly sensors, can potentially affect socio-economic and spatial inequalities. By integrating sensor data streams, fine-scale demographic data, and movement data, the project aims to identify who is affected by 'sensor deserts', ascertain coverage for vulnerable populations, and improve understanding of connections between urban mobility and sensor density and location.Cait is also affiliated with the Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies (CURDS) and the Spatial Analytics and Modelling (SAM) group.

Before joining Newcastle, Caitlin was a teaching-focused Lecturer in Geographical Information Systems and Human Geography at The University of Manchester where she also completed her PhD. Her PhD focused upon the geographies of vulnerability to energy poverty, an inability to access the socially and materially necessitated energy services in the home. Her research used theory-led spatial analyses to shed light on the geographies of vulnerability to energy poverty in case studies of England and China, from the scale of the neighbourhood to the household.