The School of Geography, Politics and Sociology

Staff Profile

Heather McGrath

School Research Administrator



I am responsible for oversight of all administration of research matters in the School from postgraduate level onwards, including co-ordination of the School research and finance team, assistance with funding applications and awards, recruitment and contract management of research staff, and general support for staff and PGR students.

Specialist Knowledge

With experience in a variety of roles across the University, I have developed interests in the following specialist areas:

  • Open access publication and the principles of open data
  • Ethical implications of research
  • Project management
  • Induction and staff development
  • Research staff recruitment and contract management
  • Research assessment and measurement of research
  • University policy and process
  • Public engagement in research
  • Mentoring

I have been co-opted to a number of working groups on topics such as costing and pricing, induction, research process, and impact recording, and am enthusiastic about sharing experience and knowledge with colleagues inside and outside the University.


I have worked at Newcastle University since 2003, in a number of roles across all three Faculties, providing support to research grants and project administration. I've been the Research Administrator in Geography, Politics and Sociology since 2012.

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Other interests

Ask me about: NHS ethics, the Mining Institute, fencing (the sport), horses and horse-riding, and the Northern Lights.