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Dr Ian Stevens

Teaching Fellow in Physical Geography


My research explores the hydrology and microbiology of the surface and near-surface of glaciers and ice sheets in the Northern Hemisphere. My recent work has focussed upon the development of novel field equipment to quantify hydraulic conductivity and pore-water velocity of the so-called "weathering crust", and the application of flow cytometry to samples collected from meltwater and ice samples from this hydraulically active aquifer. My future work aims to establish and understand physical and biological controls upon water, cellular and abiotic flux from the weathering crust to the supra-,en-,sub- and pro-glacial stream network. 


GEO1005 Environmental Issues

GEO1018 Geographical Analysis

GEO1019 Physical Geography Field Course

GEO1020 Introduction to Physical Geography

GEO1096 Geographical Skills

GEO2037 Ireland Fieldtrip

GEO2127 Doing Physical Geography Research: Theory and Practice

GEO2226 Glacial Environments [Module Leader]

GEO2228 Biogeography