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Jayne Carrick

Postgraduate Research Student


I have 15 years work experience in development and renewable energy sectors (construction and planning). The complexity and uncertainty of the decision-making processes both fascinated and frustrated me, and has inspired my current research, which aims to improve participatory environmental decision-making for marine renewable energy projects.

Currently working as a Research Assistant in the politics department evaluating the use of mini-publics including the recent Climate Assembly UK.



Project Title
Improving the legitimacy of the consenting process for marine renewable energy projects by participatory Bayesian Belief Network modelling of ecological and socio-economic data.

Description of Research Project
The consenting process for marine renewable energy projects suffers from two inter-related problems; public opposition and the complexity of ecological and socio-economic impact assessments, leading to protracted delays. This research seeks to address these challenges and is inspired by experience working in the renewable energy sector, where I have seen the adverse effects of top down institutional and systematic complexity on participation. Stakeholder interactions and behaviour, as well as the procedures that dis-empower and drive wedges between stakeholders fascinate me. In response, this research explores ways to operationalise normative models of participation in environmental decision making, using advanced statistical modelling, known as Bayesian Belief Networks (BBNs) to unite participants with ecological and socio-economic data. Juxtaposing political theories of environmental justice and deliberative democracy, with normative models of participation, and advanced statistical modelling this research aims to improve the legitimacy of participatory decision-making process, and the use of socio-economic and environmental data.


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