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Libby Wood

GCRF Living Deltas Hub Project Manager


I am the Project Manager for the UKRI GCRF Living Deltas Hub -  I am responsible for the co-ordination and governance of the Hub ensuring the successful delivery of all six work packages and supporting its strategic and operational development . This includes oversight of the £17.3 million budget and it's distrbution across 13 countires and 39 partner organisations.  I am the first point of contact for the Executive Group, Advisory Board and the funder, UKRI. 

This interdisciplinary Research Hub is working in three delta regions (Mekong, Red River and Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna) to safeguard delta futures through more resilient communities and sustainable development and operates on a model of equitable partnership with the delta-dwellers and the research community to develop new knowledge and policies.

Previous Roles:

 Creative Fuse North East Project Manager

I managed this multi partner and multi funded (European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), Arts Council England (ACE) and Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC)) through a transitional period as it looked to seek additional funding and ensure lasting legacy in the region. This project aimed to bring together stakeholders from academia and the creative industries to boost collaboration and drive innovation in the North East of England. 

RD-Connect Project Manager

As the Project Manager for the EC FP7 funded RD-Connect project I was responsible for leading the strategic development and delivery of the project to ensure the deliverable and objectives are achieved and securing the sustainability of the tools and resources developed beyond this funding period. RD-Connect is an integrated omics platform for data sharing in rare disease.

Previous interests have been in patient registries for rare disease and the coordination and management of clinical research. I have an overall interest in trial readiness and work closely with networks such as TREAT-NMD to promote the role of patient registries in facilitating and accelerating translational research and promote best practice in this area.


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