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Maddy Thompson

Teaching Fellow (Development Geography)


Maddy is a Teaching Fellow in Development Geography. Her office hours are Monday 10-12 and Tuesday 1-2 in Daysh 6.34 (or email for a different time).

Maddy's PhD explores the context of nursing in Metro Manila, the Philippines in relation to the emigration of nurse labour. In particular, she is examining ways in which the global demand for nurse labour shapes nursing education and working experiences in the Philippines for all nurses, regardless of their desire to migrate. She is also exploring how and why the desire to migrate emerges amongst Philippine nurses, focusing on how geographical imaginations - the imaginations of cultural, societal, economic, and political opportunities of - impact the propensity to migrate. This work seeks to contribute new dimensions to the growing literature which interrogates the relationship between migration decision-making and culture, moving beyond purely socio-economic conceptualisations of migration.

Maddy was a visiting student at the Balsillie School of International Affairs (September-December 2016), where she worked alongside Dr Margaret Walton-Roberts. She remains a research associate of the International Migration Research Centre (IMRC) and continues to work closely with her colleagues in Ontario, Canada.

Maddy has also been heavily involved with the Royal Geographical Society with Institute of British Geographers (RGS-IBG). Maddy organised the Postgraduate Forum at Newcastle University in 2015 before going on to win the election for chairperson of the PG Forum. Maddy served in this position for a year, and now serves as a Social and Cultural Geography Research Group Postgraduate representative.

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Maddy is currently a Teaching Fellow in Development Geographies at Newcastle University. She has also taught on a casual basis throughout her postgraduate studies.

Maddy currently teaches on the following modules:

GEO1010, GEO1018, GEO2111, GEO2101, GEO2225, GEO3125, GEO3108.

She is also a pastoral tutor.

Maddy is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Authority (HEA).

Her office hours are Monday 10-12 and Tuesday 1-2 in Daysh 6.34 (or email for a different time).

She is happy to talk to students about the above modules or any aspects of development, cultural, or healthcare geographies.


Maddy's primary research interests are migration, Philippine studies, global healthcare, feminist research, and postcolonialism. In particular, she focuses on nursing, geographies of nurse migration, therapeutic mobilities, and geographical imaginations.

Maddy is a cultural and development geographer, with strong interests in social geographies.

Her thesis - Migrant Destinations and the Geographical Imaginations of Nurses and Nurse Students in Metro Manila, the Philippines - explores the lived experiences of nurse students and graduates living in the Philippines, and interrogates new forms of mobilities and healthcare engaged in by these nurses.

Maddy has extensively presented her research throughout the world, and has three journal articles and two book chapters in process.

Maddy is also involved as a research assistant with two further projects:

  • Contested Spaces of Diversity Project (led by Prof Peter Hopkins)
  • N8 AgriFood Strategic Pump Priming Scheme (led by Dr Alex Hughes

Maddy has co-authored a report commissioned by the OECD concerning nurse migration from the Philippines to four Canadian provinces.


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  • Thompson M, Walton-Roberts M. International nurse migration from India and the Philippines: the challenge of meeting the sustainable development goals in training, orderly migration and healthcare worker retention. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 2018.