The School of Geography, Politics and Sociology

Staff Profile

Dr Matt Jenkins

Teaching Fellow in Human Geography


I am a part-time Teaching Fellow, specialising in Quantitative Methods and socio-political theory. Outside of the University, my research looks into official statistics as social constructions with a particular focus on statistics around happiness and subjective well-being. My practice seeks to break down the boundaries between 'academic' and 'non-academic' knowledges, with an emphasis on engagement with communities normally excluded from universities and from academic discourse.


My research looks at the official statistic as the intersection between the state and the everyday. It is particularly interested in the ways in which the statistic, as an 'official reality', is constructed and how this goes on to construct the world of those which it counts. As the statistics which I am most familiar with are those collected in the UK around well-being, I have also written and spoken around the official conceptions of happiness and well-being.

I am currently involved in the 'Near and Far' project with the artist Paula Turner, which looks at the embodied and emotional geographies of the pupils of Marine Park Primary school in South Shields; and in work with the Grand Gestures dance collective of Gateshead, looking at the inclusionary and exclusionary discourses around dance, old age, statistics and 'expert' knowledges.


I contribute to the teaching on most of the quantitative methods and GIS modules in the Department, and also to teaching around socio-political theory in the second year.