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For Current Students

Current Students

You will find a lot of general information relevant to current students on the University's Student Homepage.

Here are some links to where you can find specific information for the School of Geography, Politics and Sociology.

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Balancing Your Studies

Every year students in their final year tell us about things they have learnt during their degree that they wish they had realised earlier in their studies. We undertook a research project to speak with students in order to learn more about what those things were. The result of those discussions are found in the Balancing Your Studies website, which we hope you can use to develop day to day study strategies, balancing that with social life and other commitments and enjoying your time at University.

Life After Studies

Our students here in Newcastle Sociology go on to a wide range of successful and rewarding careers. But while studying, what these careers are, and the way to reach them often feels unclear. The question of what to do after graduation is a source of worry for many current undergraduate students. The Life After Your Studies website can offer you some advice for this this time arrives.