The School of Geography, Politics and Sociology


Eligibility for Study Abroad

Both undergraduate and postgraduate students are eligible to take part in study abroad exchanges. Find out the criteria that apply.

Undergraduate students

Undergraduate students studying in the following subjects are eligible to take part:

  • Geography - stage 2, semester 2 or stage 3, semester 1
  • Politics - stage 2, semester 2 and both semesters in stage 3
  • Politics & Economics- stage 3, semester 1 or semester 2
  • Sociology - stage 3 semester 1
  • Sociology & Politics - stage 3, semester 1
  • History & Politics - stage 3, semester 1
  • Combined Studies - stage 3, semester 1

To take part you must choose a subject-specific Erasmus module in Newcastle. You will gain academic credits by taking the equivalent European credits (ECTS) at your host university. Modules at your host university are chosen after consultation with the Erasmus coordinator.

On the exchange you are expected to progress research, writing up their dissertation (where applicable) and submit an Erasmus report.

These arrangements don't apply to students taking the Government and European Union Studies degree. If you're studying this degree and are interested in study abroad opportunities, contact the Degree Director Dr Jocelyn Mawdsley.

Postgraduate students

Postgraduate students can participate in Erasmus+ at any stage during their studies. As part of the exchange you are expected to:

  • progress your research
  • collaborate with colleagues at the host university
  • collect credits from relevant modules
  • submit an Erasmus report on return