Global Urban Research Unit


ESRC Seminar Series: Ways of neighbourhood working and knowing (2015-2017)

DEMOLOGOS - Development Models and Logistics of Socioeconomic Organisation in Space

Professor Simin Davoudi is a Co-Investigator in a successful ESRC seminar series which focuses on ‘Ways of neighbourhood working and knowing’. The overall aim of the seminar series is to investigate the ways in which there have been, on the one hand, optimism about the role and value of neighbourhood ways of working and, on the other hand, critiques of that role and value.

The series includes six seminars which will be held during 2015-2017.

The first five address cross-disciplinary themes related to neighbourhoods, including:

  1. Neighbourhoods and Economic Growth (Department of Communities and Local Government, [DCLG])
  2. Ways of Knowing (Sheffield)
  3. Inclusive Coproduction: Can it be done? (Somers Town Community Association)
  4. Governance and Self-Governance of Neighbourhoods (Newcastle University)
  5. Alternative Models of Neighbourhood Working (Bristol).

Seminar 6 on Prospects for Neighbourhood Ways of Working and Knowing (DCLG) will seek to build on the co-produced knowledges of the series, as well as reflecting on the potentially changed (post-election) political terrain.