Global Urban Research Unit


Great Planning Successes: Innovative transformation in place governance

DEMOLOGOS - Development Models and Logistics of Socioeconomic Organisation in Space

This project will define innovative transformation in the planning field and highlight case studies of where planning innovation has made a transformative difference to environments and livelihoods. It will develop a framework to assess the criteria whereby planning innovation and success might be judged. In this we will look for enduring transformative effects in institutional practices/ legacies and/ or built environment outcomes/ physical linkages arising from innovation of some kind. Fieldwork will focus on case studies in three categories: development management, projects and strategy-making (Healey 2010).

Our definitions in conducting the research will be fluid and broad: for example formal planning may play a supporting rather than central role and we seek to uncover examples rather of place governance with a planning orientation (Healey 2010) and then to seek formal planning activity within it if applicable.

The research will be deductive, with a loose theoretical framework established at the outset, tested through exposure to an expert group in Newcastle University and through encounters in fieldwork in later stages.