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DEMOLOGOS - Development Models and Logistics of Socioeconomic Organisation in Space

The global food system and its complex infrastructures are key constitutive elements of urban securities and insecurities. This project examines the ways in which those involved in the production, processing, retail, management and governance of food anticipate future problems and develop plans to avoid them or deal with them, through forms of precaution, preparedness and pre-emptive action.

We are exploring how the increasing amount of information generated about food during its production, and the increasingly sophisticated technologies for generating and managing that information, helps or hinders the anticipation and management of food emergencies. We are also looking at how those involved in all aspects of food production (from large commercial operations to local /alternative modes), retail and regulation form communities and networks to plan for problems and build make a more resilient food system, and whether certain ways of thinking and acting - and the bodies associated with them - come to dominate efforts to stave off future problems.