Global Urban Research Unit


Planning, Urban Management and Heritage (PUMAH)

DEMOLOGOS - Development Models and Logistics of Socioeconomic Organisation in Space

The overall aim of this project is to develop a joint networking and advanced research programme on critical issues of planning, management and urban heritage that will strengthen the research partnership between Newcastle University, Groningen University, The Italian National Research Council, Middle East Technical University, Politecnico di Milano, Wuhan University, Peking University and Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology.

This aim will be achieved by short and longer-term periods of staff exchanges between the European and the Chinese partners and networking activities between the participating institutions. The ultimate goal of this project is to achieve more rapid progress in advancing current knowledge, both conceptually and in terms of practical strategies of management, of the challenges of managing heritage as part of a wider process of spatial planning in the very different contexts provided by Europe and China.

Its focus is the role of heritage in continuity and change in the city. Urban areas are the critical sphere of investigation as it is cities and urban regions that are subject to the greatest pressures for change and transformation and conflict and potential complementarity with heritage protection most acute.

The project will support internationally recognised research, international networking, high quality academic publications, including at least one book, specifically from the project, knowledge transfer and will lead to proposals for further funded projects.

In this way we are planning to establish a long-term research cooperation between the participating institutions.

For further information visit PUMAH's project website.