School of History, Classics and Archaeology

Archaeology Research

Archaeology Research

Research in archaeology is organised under two themes. Each theme includes specialists in later prehistoric, classical and historical archaeology. Our geographical areas of interest range from the Middle East to the north Atlantic.

Research areas

Our research specialisms ensure theoretical and methodological exchange and dynamism. Our research is organised under two themes, and within these themes we specialise in prehistory, Greek and Roman archaeology and the archaeology of historic periods.


Our two research themes are Landscape and Material Culture.

Scholars from other parts of the University participate in each theme. This encourages collaborative and interdisciplinary research.



  • Mesolithic Europe
  • the Mesolithic/Neolithic transition in north-west Europe
  • the Neolithic and Early Bronze Age of Britain and north-west Europe 
  • the Copper and Bronze Age in Italy and the Mediterranean 
  • the Iron Age/Roman transition 

Classical archaeology

  • Roman Britain
  • Roman Europe and Mediterranean 
  • Roman urbanism 
  • Greek and Byzantine archaeology
  • the Roman/medieval transition 

Medieval and post-Medieval archaeology

  • early Medieval Britain and Europe 
  • Byzantine archaeology 
  • Medieval and post-Medieval landscapes 
  • church archaeology, historic buildings 
  • post-Medieval archaeology, colonialism, slavery
Conducting zooarchaeological analysis


We have a range of outstanding facilities, including an archaeology laboratory built with support from the Wolfson Foundation. Our new Earthslides lab provides facilities to prepare microscope slides of soils samples and provides space to process environmental finds.

We have close links with Newcastle University’s Great North Museum: Hancock, giving us access to its internationally important collection of Greek, Etruscan, Roman, and British artefacts. You can go on a 3D virtual gallery tour of the 'Ice Age to Iron Age'. Our Cowen Library is also housed in the Great North Museum's library.

Research in classics and archaeology

Find out about the School's research in classics and ancient history and archaeology and explore the collections and facilities held at the on-campus Great North Museum:Hancock