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Violeta Tsenova

Violeta Tsenova

Critical Making and Innovation Heritage

Year started


Project outline

This project explores critical making and the design of physical-digital interfaces for heritage collections. The project will address the impact of creative practice innovation in co-production with communities and businesses. It will also focus on how the designed interfaces improve cultural resources’ accessibility and business value. Working in partnership with a small games studio and a National Trust property, the project will address the following questions:

1. How can creative practice support innovation co-produced with communities and businesses in the North-East?
2. How can physical-digital interfaces enhance accessibility to, and the business value of, cultural resources?

To address these, the project will combine personal creative practice and collaborative critical making through community design workshops. This method will facilitate multi-authored explorations of innovation heritage content. Core to this project will be exploration of how engagement with historic technological heritage and social theories of innovation can inspire current innovation practice. The importance of personal investment through technological experiences will be investigated by focusing on critical making's main principles of shared construction and meaning making through design. Instead of creating “professionally-developed” interfaces, co-production with community groups will add value to the designed product. Digital objects and heritage visualisations produced by experts are often considered by the public as sterile and unengaging. Co-production is one of the successful ways to add value and encourage engagement with digital historical material.

Other roles

Social Media/Web Editor for Newcastle University Postgraduate Forum


Academic qualifications

MA (Hons) Digital Media and Information Studies/ Film and TV Studies, University of Glasgow, 2015

MSc International Heritage Visualisation, Glasgow School of Art, 2017