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Jerome Ruddick

Jerome Ruddick

Olympian Shackles: An Examination of the Relationship Between Greek Mythology, Identity and Material Culture in Hellenistic Greece.

Subject area: Archaeology



Dr Joseph SkinnerDr John HoltonDr Matthew Haysom

Project outline

Whilst there is a wealth of work on the topics of identity, mythology and material culture, studies on the interaction between them, and the impact this interaction had upon religious belief in members of a community, from leaders to citizens, has been skirted around by most of the current research.  This thesis seeks to explore the relationship between religious mythology and Greek identity, intending to prove that the two were reliant on one and other, acting as constructional tools in a symbiotic relationship, unable to function without one and other. Through careful analysis of textual and archaeological evidence this research will shed light upon the nature of belief, further study into questions of ethnography and address gaps in our current knowledge of Hellenistic Greece. 

Moreover, it is hoped that through a greater knowledge of historical mythologies and identities, we can begin to make steps towards understanding the impact of imagined differences on national and local levels. Through this research we can better recognise political motivations that adversely affect the contact between different identities and make steps towards combating harmful modern mythologies that negatively impact inter-cultural contact today.


BA (Hons.) Classics and Archaeology (1st Class), University of Wales 

MSc Forensic Archaeology (Merit), Bournemouth University  

Conferences and Papers

Hades: A Transformative Identity. A Study of Epithets and Authenticity of Belief. 17th Annual Postgraduate Forum Conference “Bridging the Gap”, Newcastle University, 15th May 2020. [Due to speak but cancelled due to COVID-19]. 

Ruddick, J. 2016. Amulets, Two of the Four Sons of Horus: Qebehsenuef, Duamutef; Djed pillar. In: Zinn, K. Six Feet Under? Funerary Aspects of Egyptian Culture. Exhibition Catalogue. [15-21]. 

Ruddick, J. 2019. 136 Upper Woodcote Road, Caversham, Reading, Berkshire, Archaeological Watching Brief Report, Foundations Archaeology [Professional Report]. 


Classical Association 2020 Swansea Conference Bursary.  

Other Roles

PGR Representative for Classics 

Scholars Program Tutor [2020-] 

Worked professionally as an archaeologist for a number of years, supervising and participating in a variety of excavations across England. Notable sites include a Roman Villa in the town of Purton and an industrial pottery site in Oxford. During this time I wrote reports, conducted watching briefs and worked in the archives preserving historical artefacts.