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Nigel Porter

Nigel Porter

Assessing the social and political significance of Athenian painted pottery through examination of changes in scenes of warriors departing on Attic pottery between 600 BC and 400 BC

Year started

2011 part-time PhD

Project outline

Decorated vases produced in Athens from the 7th century BC and beyond provide repeated imagery of Athenian life and values. The imagery is often studied for its contribution to our understanding of the art of archaic and classical Athens and also for its beauty. More importantly, the fact that the same iconic scenes are repeated over this period, allows a glimpse into the changing values and concerns of the population of Athens. Through the medium of the changes in the way in which the same iconic scenes are represented in the iconography of the pottery, it may be possible to better understand the political and social change taking place in Athens during this period.

This study takes the imagery associated with warriors departing, either for war or for the afterlife, between 600 BC and 400 BC to better understand the changes taking place in Athens during the same period.
The study will use a quantitative approach, by building a database from published CVAs and the Beazley Archive, in order to find patterns in the imagery.

Other roles

  • Hon. Sec. and Trustee of the Northumberland Wildlife Trust
  • Board member of Northumberland Healthwatch

Academic qualifications

  • BA History, 2:1 Cambridge University, 1972
  • MBA, Distinction, Northumbria University, 1995
  • MA, Archaeology, Newcastle University, 2010