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Sara Borrello

Sara Borrello

Children in Politics. Family Strategies during the Roman Republic (3rd-1st century BCE)


Dr Federico Santangelo, Dr Micaela Langellotti and Dr Amy Russell (Durham University)

Year started


Project outline

‌This project aims to investigate the roles that young boys (‘pueri’), from birth to early adulthood, played in the political elite of the Roman Republic. According to the second century CE antiquarian Gellius (Attic Nights, 10.28), a male individual was considered a puer (‘boy’) until he turned seventeen: at that point he would become a civis (‘citizen’), equipped to serve the res publica. The central ambition of this study is to frame the political engagement of young boys within the wider context of interactions and competition of the senatorial nobility. The discussion encompasses the period between the Hannibalic War (218 BCE) and the establishment of the Principate (27 BCE), using a wide range of literary, numismatic, epigraphic, and iconographic evidence. It aims to make a distinctive contribution to the understanding of the dynamics of political advancement and demotion in the Roman world.

Sara Borrello

Funding awards

AHRC Full Studentship (Northern Bridge Consortium) 2017-2020


ECOMAP scpa Prize for High Master Degree Grade (academic year 2014/2015)

ECOMAP scpa Prize for High Average Exam Marks (academic year 2013/2014)


Contextualising portraits of Roman boys: the cases of Lepidus and the young Verres, 'PeClA 2019. Visual Culture in the Classical World', Charles University, Prague (December 2019) (Conference Paper)

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Rejuvenating a Roman hero. The portrait of Scipio Africanus as the saviour of his father, ‘Northern Lights Postgraduate Workshop for Ancient History’, The University of Edinburgh. (April 2019) (Conference Paper)

‘Beware the Ill-Girt Boy’: Caesar’s Clothing Policy?, ‘AMPAH’. Annual Meeting of Postgraduates in Ancient History, Birkbeck University of London. (March 2018) (Conference paper)

Moving Matrons: the Case of Servilia, ‘Movement’. 14th Annual Postgraduate Forum Conference, Newcastle University. (May 2017) (Conference paper)

Servilia tra Cesare e Bruto. Una matrona al tramonto della Repubblica romana. Department of Humanities, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy. (October 2015) (Seminar paper)

Commémorer le membres de la domus: méthodologie de l’étude des inscriptions funéraires dédiées aux femmes, aux enfants et aux animaux familiers (with P. Maouchi e C. Stevanato). International Conference Épigraphie antique et médiévale en Europe: pratiques et méthodes de jeunes chercheurs, Poitiers University, France. (October 2015) (Conference paper)

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S. Borrello, Enim vocata est mamma. Affettività e appartenenza famigliare nell'epigrafia latina, in “ZPE” 206, 2018. (Academic paper)

S. Borrello, Prudentissima et diligentissima femina. Servilia, M. Bruti mater, tra Cesariani e Cesaridici, in F. Cenerini – F. Rohr Vio (eds.), Matronae in domo et in re publica agentes. Spazi e occasioni dell’azione femminile nel mondo romano fra tarda repubblica e primo impero, Atti del Convegno Internazionale di Venezia (16-17 ottobre 2014), Trieste, EUT, 2016, pp. 165-191. (Academic paper)

S. Borrello, Progetto ME-TI (Mediolanum - Tituli). Uno sguardo multimediale alle epigrafi latine di età romana reimpiegate nel centro di Milano, in “Annales de Janua” 4, 2016. (Academic paper)

S. Borrello, Costruire la memoria: uso e abuso della storia fra tarda repubblica e primo principato. Convegno internazionale: Venezia, Università Ca’ Foscari, 14-15 gennaio 2016, in “Bollettino di studi latini” 46, I, 2016, pp. 345-349. (Conference report)

Other roles

Durham & Newcastle Workshops Coordinator (2018/2019)

Teaching Assistant on CAH 2007/2207 (2018/2019)

Academic qualifications

Master Degree (Laurea magistrale) in Ancient Civilisations: Literature, History and Archaeology (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice)

Bachelor Degree (Laurea triennale) in Cultural Heritage Sciences (Catholic University of Milan)