School of History, Classics and Archaeology


Careers in Classics and Ancient History

Graduates of classics and ancient history enter a wide range of careers, across a variety of industries and sectors.

Many classics and ancient history graduates who wish to continue working in their field of study train for careers in heritage management, museum curatorship and teaching. But there are many other possibilities.

All employers value the skills developed during a degree. You will develop the ability to:

  • present a compelling argument in written, oral, visual and digital formats
  • critically analyse written and other forms of evidence
  • make balanced judgements
  • attend both to detail and wider theoretical issues
  • grasp complex philosophical and cultural ideas and communicate them effectively

You'll find our graduates in banking, computer programming, law, journalism, marketing, administration, social work, the public sector and in many other walks of life.


You may wish to continue onto one of our postgraduate degrees. With a postgraduate qualification, you can train for a career in research. This could lead to further work in universities or a job in television, radio or film.

Graduate training

A degree in the area of classics and ancient history will qualify you for the graduate training schemes of all the major:

  • auditing
  • finance
  • accounting
  • marketing

companies as well as the:

  • civil service
  • police
  • probation service

and other public sector career paths.

Law conversion

Many classics and ancient history graduates choose to take a law conversion course (LLP) and train to be a barrister.

Careers Service

Undergraduate careers statistics, including reports which put the figures into context, are available for:

Postgraduate careers statistics are also available.

Our dedicated Careers Service organises visits from employers throughout the year. They organise events such as Creative Careers Week, where employers from:

  • TV
  • theatre
  • design
  • IT
  • other creative industries

meet with our students to discuss potential careers. Find out more on the Careers Service website.

The Careers Service is also always happy to talk to students on a one-to-one basis. Just pop in on the ground floor of King's Gate. Find out further information about: