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Early Modern Civil Religion

Reading Group

Date/Time: 10 November 2016, 10:00

Venue: Room 1.23, Armstrong Building

This Reading Group is a community of scholars and postgraduates from Newcastle University and institutions across the North-East which meets fortnightly to investigate and discuss the notion of civil religion in the early modern period. Taking as our general chronological remit the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries, and using both primary and secondary readings, we aim to encourage discussion of the development of the concept of ‘civil religion’, how it was understood, and its role in progressing the burgeoning Enlightenment discourse. We encourage an interdisciplinary approach, engaging with the influence of ancient religion and classical writers, and welcoming contributions from philosophical, literary, political cultural and social perspectives.

Our first meeting will take place on Thursday 10th November at 10am in Room 1.23 in the Armstrong Building. We will be discussing Mark Goldie’s seminal article ‘The Civil Religion of James Harrington’, in The Languages of Political Theory in Early-Modern Europe edited by Anthony Pagden (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1987), pp. 197-222.

All interested parties, within Newcastle and beyond, are welcome to join the discussion! If you have any queries, please email

Early Modern Civil Religion