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After Global History - Week 6

After Global History - Week 6

Week 6: Dr Misha Ewen
At the Edge of Empire? Women’s Ceramic Collections in Seventeenth-Century Newfoundland.

Join us for the sixth seminar in our After Global History series.  Dr Misha Ewen (University of Manchester) will be joining us to deliver her talk about seventeenth century women's ceramic collections.  To find out more about Dr Ewen's research interests, click here.

The sisters Sara Kirke and Frances Hopkins were successful plantation owners in the colony of Ferryland, Newfoundland, during the later seventeenth century. Artefacts found in situ at Ferryland, alongside archival documents, help to illuminate how Kirke and Hopkins positioned themselves as important actors in the English Atlantic empire. They were involved in debates on the future of the colony, and in their homes they also conveyed their feminine taste and imperial ambition through the display of exotic ceramics including Chinese porcelain, an East Indian Martaban jar, and Portuguese terra sigillata. Kirke and Hopkins focus attention on the role of women in Newfoundland colonisation and also offer a new perspective on elite women’s collecting in colonial spaces.

The Newcastle University After Global History Seminar Series runs throughout Semester 2 on Zoom.  Once the formal section of the program has finished there will be an opportunity to socialize.