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Events running all year.
Mix of online and in-person activity

Join us as we celebrate 1900 years since the building of Hadrian’s Wall.

2022 will see hundreds of events and activities taking place in a yearlong festival across Hadrian’s Wall.

  • Future Past A collaborative, participatory art project examining the complexities of migration and the sense of belonging through the lens provided by the living legacy of Hadrian's Wall. All year long.
  • Obscurum - Lux This modern interpretation of light and colour in the Roman world is an opportunity to see the gallery and finds in a new and very different light. Januaru 2022.
  • Falx Manga (Japanese graphic novel) Set 1900 years ago on Hadrian's Wall A manga series based on Hadrian's Wall 1900 years ago depicting clashes and bonding between people of different cultures and backgrounds. All year long.