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Lost Futures: Historical Reflections on the Future of Work, Technology and Time

Call for participants

Date/Time: 13 January 2020, 2-4pm

Venue: tbc

Call for participants from across faculty at Newcastle University to a workshop hosted by the Labour & Society Research Group, History, Classics and Archaeology, and the Business School, Newcastle University.

The impact of new media and technology are fundamentally changing society and work. But to what extent is this novel? Previous technological change has inspired prophesies of dystopian, utopian and neutral effects. Some were proved accurate, others not, and most technological change had unanticipated effects. The Labour and Society Research group, the School of Historical Studies, and the Business School, Newcastle University extends an invitation to all interested staff, from whichever faculty, to a two-hour workshop and networking event to reflect on the impact of technology and the future of work. We encourage participants to reflect on any topic relevant to the interface of technology, social change, and work. This includes: social movements in favour of, and against, technological change in work; imagined and real discussions about the future of employment under the impact of pre-industrialisation, industrialisation and post-Fordism; theories of social change and technology; how social relationships are mediated and changed by new economics and new modes of production; how disruptive technological change is mediated by social institutions.

If you are interested in participating please contact Professor Alan McKinlayDr Joe LawsonDr Christopher Loughlin.