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Roman Archaeology Research Seminar - Ian Haynes

Roman Archaeology Research Seminar - Ian Haynes

Moving to the Centre: Reassessing eight centuries of south-east Rome (first to eighth century CE) – Professor Ian Haynes (Newcastle University)


Rome Transformed is a five-year ERC funded interdisciplinary project which explores the evolution of the eastern Caelian from principate of Augustus to the pontificate of Leo III.  At the beginning of this period, the area is characterised by quasi-rural luxury residences or horti, closely bound to, yet physically removed from the bustling heart of the city. Radical changes followed, however, as the area became home to an array of new structures and communities, each bound to imperial and later ecclesial agenda. Major moments of transformation come with the Severan development of the eastern Caelian, the introduction of a new circuit encompassing Rome, Constantine's construction of the world's first cathedral, and the development of the Patriarchium, an extensive papal palatial complex that was to inspire Charlemagne. The result is an area which offers a unique insight into the way in which architecture and topography shaped and were shaped by changes in military, political and religious ideas that resonated across the Mediterranean World and beyond.  This paper will demonstrate how Rome Transformed brings an array of methodologies together to understand better Rome's development from Classical to Late Antique city.

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